When telecommunications and software come together as one

Combining your cloud phone system and a CRM/ERP platform with the help of the Ubity API, you can access extended features to automate your sales processes.

Cloud based software API integration service

A powerful combination for your sales

Connecting your CRM/ERP to your cloud business phone system will save your employees valuable time, boost their productivity, and lead to stronger customer relationships. Some of our clients’ favorite features include automatic customer data presentation, the ability to take notes and update a client’s profile during a call, as well as consolidated analytics and statistics.

Enhance your productivity by connecting your business communications activities to your preferred CRM/ERP.

What can the Ubity API do for you?

  • You can gain increased visibility of your performance and results.
  • All your business management tools will be synchronized and updated in real time.
  • You can easily access your phone system’s data, reports and recordings and store them internally to comply with your archiving policies.
  • Creating marketing campaigns is streamlined thanks to our unified platform.
  • You can provide high quality tools to your team to allow them to complete their sales-related activities more efficiently.

Key characteristics of Ubity's API

Ubity support assurance

Ubity will be by your side throughout all of the technical aspects of your integration. We provide a complete set of tools and information including a software development kit and detailed documentation and tutorials that enable you to use our API effectively, allowing you to coordinate communications between your software and our platform with ease.

Ubity connectors for several CRM/ERP platforms

Ubity connectors are already available for several CRM/ERP platforms and allow you to significantly accelerate the integration with your Ubity cloud business phone system. Connectors exists for a number of partner software publishers including NetSuite, Salesforce, Zurmo, SAP Business One and many more.

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