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How can secure SIP trunking increase the profitability of your business?

The Ubity secure SIP trunking service is an unparalleled connection service between your private phone system (IP-PBX) and the public telephone network that allows you to manage your business’s communications while offering you a maximum of benefits.

Benefits of Ubity's Secure SIP Trunking


Ubity ensures the confidentiality of your communications, from your infrastructure to ours, and your calls are systematically encrypted using advanced algorithms (SIP-TLS and SRTP). A large volume of calls can be processed simultaneously without disregarding the security and reliability of your exchanges.



With secure SIP trunking, Ubity offers its customers more flexible billing options than traditional telephone service providers. You are assured of benefitting from our competitive rates for your local, long distance, and international calls, without any compromise made on service quality. Hence, you can reduce your operating costs by consolidating voice and data in one single solution and get the most out of your phone system.


Particularly convenient for businesses whose activities fluctuate, Ubity’s secureSIP trunking service gives you the possibility to add or remove lines, as needed.Quickly increase the number of lines during the busiest periods and reduce them significantly during lulls, or simply increase the number of lines as your business grows.

Did you know

80 percent of businesses say SIP trunking is essential

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