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Allow call management to become a highlight thanks to Ubity’s Contact Center!

You can count on Ubity’s contact center to provide impeccable customer service continuously. It provides all the telephony management tools you need to address your customers’ requests efficiently. Take advantage of this ideal partnership for business communications executed to perfection!

Benefits of Ubity's Contact Center

Call fowarding

Efficiently direct callers to the appropriate queue according to your agents’ availability and activities to reduce hold times and call routing errors, while distributing calls equitably.


Agent productivity

The call monitoring and supervision options allow you to analyze and measure your agents’ productivity, and even actively listen to an ongoing call and intervene to train your agent behind the scenes. Thanks to the overall display of the volume of calls waiting or the number of agents connected in real time via a dashboard, efficiency of your customer service is ensured.


The analyses and reports of your communications are available at all times. You thus benefit from direct interaction with your databases and customer records that enable for personalized calls and simplified business transactions. Among other data, the call abandonment rate allows you tp measure your customers’ responsiveness regarding the services they receive.

Call recording

Ubity allows you to record calls and preserve the recordings for seven days without any extra charge. You can then review and download the calls as many times as you wish from our online administration portal, Studio, to follow up on a conversation between a customer and your employee and guarantee quality service.

Did you know

Our customers have designated call recordings their preferred feature

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