Usher in the perfect customer experience

With the arrival of new communications technologies and ever-increasing customer demands, the contact center is more than ever at the heart of your business relationships. Thanks to Ubity, you can rapidly equip your company with a flexible platform to process your customers’ requests in an effective and efficient manner.

Cloud based IP phone system solution for call centers

Maximize your human capital

The many possible configuration profiles powering your future Ubity contact center will make your staff’s jobs easier and more pleasant, giving them access to a portfolio of options to help them meet their goals for call handling times and standards of service. Using Ubity's contact center dashboards, analyzing and measuring important call queue metrics and agent productivity has never been easier.

Quickly improve your customer service efficiency and the productivity of your agents.

How does Ubity's Contact Center help you improve your performance?

  • Insightful reports and analytics covering your communications are always available.
  • Easy call distribution and queue management.
  • Quicker response times thanks to the contact center’s ability to integrate a broad-based communications strategy that caters to customer’s preferred method of communication.
  • Simpler ways to supervise and coordinate with your employees.
  • Simple tools allow you to connect callers to the right agent, quickly and effectively, reducing waitin times and routing errors.
  • Optimized customer relationship cycle supported by agents’ constant access to a real-time call queuing dashboard.

Key benefits of Ubity’s Contact Center

Advanced routing

Distribute your incoming calls to any agents, no matter where they are or the device they use, using their current availability and skills profile.

Call monitoring and listening

Options for supervisors to listen in on calls and to interact with the agent without disrupting a call or customer interaction.

Call holding and forwarding

A complete overview of every employee’s availability and activities to ensure that calls are distributed equitably.

Reporting and data gathering

A comprehensive package of data and analytics is available to all administrators covering all phone-based employee activity.

CRM/ERP Integration

A direct link to your customer relationship database or platform, allowing you to tailor individual caller experiences and close the deal.

Queues statistics

An overall picture of the number of calls waiting and all agents who are logged in.

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