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How will a cloud-based phone system revolutionize your business?

A cloud-based VoIP phone system means that it is hosted in the cloud, that is to say, outside your office’s four walls. Hence, a full range of communications services becomes available from anywhere, on any device, without the costs and complexity of a traditional phone system.

Benefits of the Ubity Cloud-based Phone System


From Ubity’s cloud-based telephony and its unified communications system emerges the concept of mobility. Make calls using your office phone, computer, or mobile phone, and chat with your colleagues and customers from numerous locations. Enjoy centralized communications and simplified management.



The fixed and operating costs of your business communications are substantially reduced, and Ubity takes care of preparing your phone system and supports you in its deployment so that you can simply enjoy it.

Automatic updates

Enjoy leading-edge telecommunications technology and its host of features that adapt to your needs, whatever the size of your business. These features are constantly upscaled and automatically updated. You will thus never have to operate an obsolete system.


Ubity takes charge of the structure of your business phone system and removes the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system to host it in its cloud database, thus saving you space, time, and costs. You are cleared of wire clutter and your business communications are streamlined, allowing you to work freely and efficiently. Also, this service includes an excellent recovery and business continuity plan that prevents unforeseen events, such as claims or system failures, from leading to data loss or suspension of business activities.

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