* In accordance with the terms and conditions of its white label agreement, the reseller will be referred to as "Partner".

Before turning to Ubity’s solutions, the Partner already offered a host of information and communication technologies, such as Internet, a fibre optic network and cabling, computing and networking equipment, technical support, cloud hosting, etc. To offer a more comprehensive solution, the Partner sought to add telephony to its services, bearing in mind that, from a business standpoint, adding this new line of income to its sales model also guaranteed financial growth.


As more and more businesses are migrating towards a cloud solution, the Partner saw an opportunity to meet his innovative client base’s needs and, by the same token, increase its revenues. The Partner was seeking to add an existing IP telephony solution to its offerings that would enable its clients to unify their IT, collaboration, and communication tools. In addition, due to the changes in today’s workforce and the increasing demand for workplace mobility, having a comprehensive solution that included unified communication for those workers was paramount.


As a Canadian pioneer in hosted communications since 2007, Ubity offers modern and flexible IP telephony solutions as well as a partnership program that has allowed the Partner to add cloud telephony to its other services. Its clientele enjoy a full range of accessible technologies and are guaranteed to stay connected at all times (99.9% uptime), regardless of their location and the platform they use.


Adding a new line of income to its service offering has increased profitability on sales by more than 40%. A single investment allowed the Partner to resell a personalized, feature-rich telephony solution, and the monthly fee model designed for Ubity partners helped to maximize the return on this investment.

Quick Integration

Within one month, the Partner began to exploit and benefit from its newly integrated line of services. This includes the personalization of a white label management portal, which becomes a powerful tool in the Partner’s image and colours, used and enjoyed by its clientele. Since the partnership was initiated, a dedicated Ubity team has been hosting, monitoring, and maintaining all the infrastructure required for the resale of the Partner’s telephone solutions.


Ubity is actively building on its partnership program. That is why it has put together a team and the necessary resources to ensure that its partners can be autonomous in reselling their services. The Partner benefits from an industry- recognized portal that it uses to manage its clients’ phone systems and invoice them separately.

Ubity has built a reliable platform with an intuitive interface, helping us expand our customer base

Chief Technical Officer


Ever since it partnered with Ubity, the Partner has seen a significant increase in its revenues, which earned it the title of "Gazelle Company" — a high-growth company that has been increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually — for three straight years. The Partner was able to boost its profits by joining forces with Ubity, a catalyst for success in the field of cloud telephony since 2007, by extending its offering to meet the needs of a growing client base.