How can becoming a Ubity Partner accelerate your growth?

Becoming a partner means establishing a strategic relationship between your company and Ubity. As a partner, you will receive valuable benefits that include getting connected with our customer base of leading companies in North America, other partners in our vast network, as well as business opportunities worldwide.


Our references

Many businesses trust Ubity to build successful, rewarding strategic partnerships :

Satori is an agile team of advisors specialized in complex networking projects. Focusing on the design and the implementation of networks for large enterprises and network security, Satori help multinational companies such as Bombardier Aerospace, Alcoa, L'Oreal, Nurun, Rolls-Royce and numerous other clients in Quebec.

Specializing in deploying contact center solutions such as workforce management, quality management, customized training and optimizing contact center, LOEM expertise will help you achieve your business goals and find the best possible solution to meet your needs.

BGR Informatique is a consulting firm providing solutions Network, IT support, programming, and many other services related to Information Technology. BGR Informatique is a dynamic firm and solidly established for over 10 years in Montreal.

N'ware Technologies helps distribution companies of all sizes increase their productivity by improving the way they manage, distribute and share information. Using affordable and powerful warehouse management solutions, N'ware improves your business processes by helping you to obtain a complete visibility of your operations.

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