Boost your profits with the Ubity engine

Today’s enterprises are shifting away from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based telephony solution: here’s an opportunity to increase your revenues and maximize your profitability.

How? By teaming up with a pioneering business exclusively dedicated to cloud-based phone systems since 2007, and whose platform can quickly be customized at a low cost.

The benefits of a partnership with Ubity


Partnering with Ubity is a guarantee of financial success. Ubity will enable you to quickly add a source of income to the services you already offer, while ensuring great profitability.



Ubity aims at developing its partnership program. That is why it has set up a team and the necessary resources to ensure its success. After all, our partners’ customers are also ours.


Ubity provides its partners with a portal recognized in the industry for revolutionizing communications management. Using this portal, partners manage their customers’ phone systems, prepare their invoices, and considerably increase their productivity.

Did you know

Our white label partners benefit from more than 40% profitability

Interested in becoming a partner?

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