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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a technology used to transmit voice signals between users through local or Internet networks.

How does VoIP differ from a traditional telephone system?

A traditional phone system transfers analog telephone signals between users using copper wires and Public Branch Exchange (PBX) switching systems. VoIP delivers voice signals digitally over Internet-based networks. Because it travels through an IP-based network, VoIP doesn’t rely on traditional telephone lines or telephone service providers like Bell or Rogers, making it a less expensive calling solution.

What advantages does a hosted VoIP system provide over a non-hosted system?

A hosted system has a number of advantages, including:

  • No investments are required for equipment or installation
  • It doesn’t require any in-house experts to maintain the system
  • The system can be fully recovered or moved immediately in case of emergency
What is an IP-PBX?

IP-PBX stands for Internet Protocol – Private Automatic Branch Exchange. A traditional telephone system uses Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) to relay telephone signals across its networks, so that a call from Montreal can be received by a telephone in Vancouver.

An IP-PBX connects a traditional telephone network with a VoIP-based system, so that you can access public phone lines from your VoIP telephone network. The IP-PBX also provides you with telephone functionality on your VoIP network including automated messaging, conferencing, voice mailboxes and more.

Can I use my existing telephones if I install VoIP?

Yes and no. Some office phone models can be used on VoIP networks and other models can be converted for the new network. Ubity Solutions is dedicated to maximizing the reuse of your existing technology and will ensure that you purchase only the necessary hardware, including telephones.

How does Ubity deliver its VoIP service?

Ubity's VoIP service is delivered through an Internet connection or through a direct telephone connection from our data center to your office. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and once we analyze your requirements we will choose the method that best suits your needs.

Does Ubity provide residential services?

Ubity is dedicated exclusively to serving the business community. However, visit for an individual entrepreneur's solution.

Can Ubity provide me with new telephone numbers?

Yes! Ubity can provide you with new telephone numbers and we can even transfer over your existing numbers.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers if I choose Ubity Solutions?

Yes. We will transfer your existing phone numbers over to your new VoIP system seamlessly, so that you’ll continue to receive calls.

What about long distance rates?

Ubity offers very competitive long distance rates and we don’t require you to dial any special numbers to make a long distance call.

What is Fax to Mail?

Fax to Mail is a Ubity service that enables a faxed document to be received by e-mail. The document is faxed as usual, but an electronic copy of the document is received as an e-mail attachment. Say goodbye to all that paper!