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What is the impact of CRM software on customer service?

The formula is simple: the better the customer experience, the more successful a company becomes. Therefore, all efforts must focus on the same objective: enhancing customer service.

Since the beginning of a continuous digital transformation, customer relationship management (CRM) software has become an indispensable tool for this purpose. With CRM software, your company gains a head start in terms of business intelligence when managing your company's interactions with current and potential customers.

Benefits of integrating your CRM with your telephony

Analysis and reporting

Stop estimating the results of your efforts and visualize their real impact on your sales thanks to the reports generated by your CRM. This business intelligence allows you to consult in-depth analysis of your activities in order to measure the success and true Return On Investment (ROI) of your marketing. By the same token, your contact center agents can access comprehensive reports of their call activities and extract valuable information for the sales process.

Automated processes

Schedule reminders for processes and calls. Increase your productivity and limit oversight regarding the follow-up of your current and potential customers by integrating your CRM into your telephony. You can establish company-specific sales processes, plan the various steps of your call activities and schedule automated reminders, dramatically improving agents' productivity all while ensuring your team's compliance at each step.

Customer profile

When your CRM is integrated with your business telephony, a window pops-up automatically when calls are made or received, displaying all relevant information about the customer at the other end of the line. With the customer's profile at your fingertips, you can review the history of purchases, requests, emails and other useful details in real time to know your interlocutor to anticipate interactions.

Lead Management

All information is centralized in one place, allowing you to track all of your team's activities. By progressively entering the description of the calls in progress and identifying the stage of the process at which they are, your agents can follow the evolution of the attempts made with prospects, leaving more time to create and seize lead opportunities and facilitating their management.


Integrating your CRM to your phone system can represent 12 hours per employee per week saved on searching for contact data

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