Stingray is a globally recognized music provider and one of the Canadian businesses that has experienced the fastest growth in the past years. Thanks to its multimedia solutions and its multi-platform music services, the business has more than 400 million subscribers in over 152 countries. Stingray, whose headquarters are in Montréal, has nearly 300 employees worldwide.


With its former telephone service provider, Stingray was limited to a certain number of phone lines and could not independently add phone extensions for its new employees. After a while, the business began to look for a new telephony solution that could keep up with their rapid evolution, without any constraints.


In anticipation of its commercial success and of its explosive growth, Stingray chose Ubity for its telephony needs. This partnership instantly allowed them to enjoy genuine autonomy with regards to adding phone extensions and integrating its new offices to the system.

Conference Calls

The conference call —one of the collaboration tools offered by Ubity— is one of Stingray’s favourite features. Stingray employees from all over the world can have a conversation on ONE interface at once. The Ubity solution is particularly useful for Stingray who has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland, France, Israel, Australia and South Korea.


Ubity’s hosted business telephony services provides genuine flexibility to Stingray by enabling them to manage their communications entirely independently; thus, the business no longer relies on a third party when they need to make changes to their phone system. Once data migration is done and additional extensions have been installed, Stingray can manage its system daily in only a few clicks and totally independently on Studio, our intuitive and user-friendly management platform.


Ubity continuously enhances its communication tools to ensure the connectivity it offers its clients is exceptionally reliable. Ubity is committed to providing a steady service so that no data is lost, no important phone calls are missed, or so that the system does not shutdown due to unforeseen events. Stingray’s 300 employees can thus discuss with total peace of mind thanks to Ubity’s safe and efficient IP network.

I no longer keep tabs on how many extensions were added since we first started. The phone system is so simple that we are independent even as the business grows.

Jean-François Lacombe

IT Business Manager


Today, Stingray is among the 500 Canadian businesses that have experienced the strongest growth. It is thanks to a change in its business communications, that is, for a flexible solution geared towards self-management, that Stingray now shares its musical entertainment with 400 million subscribers in more than 152 countries.