Since January 2010, Reno-Assistance has helped its residential and commercial customers free of charge with their renovation and construction projects. Through their process, an experienced renovation advisor learns about the project, answers the customer's questions, refers 360° Verified contractors (general or specialized), compares their quotes with them and even advises the customer in the case of a dispute with their contractor.


As Reno-Assistance was started after its founder had gone through several general and specialized contractors for his various projects, losing tens of thousands of dollars, the human side and proximity to the customer was a very important aspect the company wanted to offer.

Reno-Assistance wanted a solution where the customer and the advisor would not have the impression that a telephone separated them. The quality of the verbal communication was a crucial factor. As the company approached Ubity in its early stages and was growing rapidly, they also needed a flexible solution that could grow with them and that provided a service that appeared local without having to open offices in all four corners of the province.


With its IP telephony solution with HD Voice, Ubity offered the best sound quality possible for the future. Also, by offering local numbers from several major cities in Quebec, Reno-Assistance could appear closer to their customers.

As they have grown, contact center solutions have become increasingly useful and are now part of their daily lives.

Contact Center

Even though Reno-Assistance does not like to see itself as a contact center, advocating the quality of interactions between customers and advisors before call statistics, the dashboard displayed on screens inside the offices allows to see in real time the availability of advisors.

Number availability

Reno-Assistance has a local number for Greater Montreal customers, but also a local number for customers in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, and Trois-Rivières. The company also has toll-free numbers with an initial response in French or English

Call Recording

Call recording is used for training and to ensure that the company offers a high quality service, while the availability functions allow the company to offer a guarantee of response by a human in less than 60 seconds.

We were among the first customers of Ubity and were able to see the company evolve with ours. Ubity has quickly become a partner in our growth.

Eric Périgny

Founding President of Reno-Assistance


Reno-Assistance has been named the best choice in its industry and has even been officially ‘Recommended by Protégez-Vous’ for the quality of their service. They have served more than 50,000 customers and helped with nearly half a billion dollars worth of renovation and construction projects since 2010.