Since 2016, InsureLine has been providing a simple and elegant insurance buying experience. As a leading Insurance Brokerage in Canada, InsureLine looks-out for its clients’ best interests, and benefits from unparalleled Market Access — which means, unlike many insurance companies who only offer their limited selection of insurance policies, we have a wide array of insurance providers to choose from. Today, InsureLine has grown to over 25 locations across Canada.


With multiple locations across Canada, InsureLine needed a telephony platform provider which allowed for a standardized feature set. In addition, InsureLine members needed flexibility to work from any location using a variety of connectivity options while ensuring that there was no impact to customer communications.


With Ubity’s telephony platform, InsureLine found all the features necessary to keep its franchises interconnected using unified communication tools and contact center solutions. At the same time the Ubity services has allowed for their franchise model to continue expanding with ease and simplicity.


Because InsureLine is based on an individual franchise model, all accounts are self-managed and separated from a billing standpoint. However, from a business point of view, the different offices benefit from homogeneous connectivity. For example, the Ubity solution allows for mass phone provisioning for a standardized configuration, as well as four digit dialling for quick and simple communication across all franchises.

Contact Center

InsureLine depends on Ubity’s contact centre solution to ensure that inbound customer communication is efficiently prioritized and handled by their agents. InsureLine uses the suite of contact centre features offered by Ubity, such as call recording, agent prioritization and robust metrics.


Across all franchises, the flexibility provided by Ubity allows InsureLine brokers to work from anywhere, anytime. This is not only useful for telecommuting when minor setbacks occur, but a lifesaver in the event of bigger, natural disasters. The flexible hosted cloud-based system guarantees ongoing service and enables call transfer, preventing missing any business opportunity.

Ubity is a great telephony partner for our growing franchise network

Kelly Walker

Chief Technology Officer


InsureLine has grown to over 25 locations in 3 short years. Key to their success is their passion for simplifying insurance and saving customers money while ensuring that they are protected from unlikely events. Partnering with Ubity has provided InsureLine with a robust set of telephony features which allow their locations to stay connected. With InsureLine constantly growing, Ubity’s flexible platform allows InsureLine to continuously add locations with ease and minimal effort.