Founded in 1992, Grenier aux Nouvelles is a specialized medium whose mission is to highlight Quebec businesses’ achievements in communications, marketing and the Web. Among its different activities, the business offers a daily newsletter, a weekly magazine, a news platform, and training, in addition to publishing employment opportunities in the communications and marketing industry on a regular basis.


As an important advocate of family-work balance, Grenier aux Nouvelles needed a telephony solution that could make their objective a reality—that of working entirely virtually by telecommuting. This extreme operational change would allow the business to improve its employees’ productivity and effectiveness by offering them ideal working conditions, all the while reducing operating costs.


With its unified cloud-based communications solution for businesses, Ubity was able to fully support Grenier aux Nouvelles in its extraordinary process of closing its brick and mortar location. The business is now proud to operate entirely via telework since September 2014. Many of Ubity’s key services were major factors in this success:


When opting for a cloud-based telephony system, you can enjoy full mobility. This is what Grenier aux Nouvelles achieved by simply having one phone number which redirects the calls to its employees’ phone extensions; all employees are thus free to choose where they work. Thanks to this new mobility, Grenier aux Nouvelles now recruits candidates regardless of their geographic location and the staff turnover rate is zero.


Without a brick and mortar location and with employees spread out in several cities in Quebec, Grenier aux Nouvelles had to turn to new tools to facilitate virtual teamwork.
Ubity’s conference tool is one of the first features Grenier aux Nouvelles used. For their daily communications, the entire team remained connected thanks to Ubity’s messaging tool, UC Desktop, a tool which makes it possible to have discussions in real time, to check if a collaborator is present or making a call, to share files, and much more.

Call Recording

Ubity’s telephony solution has a call recording option, which is a great asset with regards to customer service, and that is, for all businesses. This tool became absolutely essential for Grenier aux Nouvelles, as it not only enables the business to guarantee quality service by allowing it to assess calls, but it also allows writers to draft better articles as they have access to the recordings of their telephone interviews.

As we had no more office, we needed our communications to be optimized. Ubity’s features allowed us to communicate more effectively than when we had a brick and mortar location!

Éric Chandonnet



Grenier aux Nouvelles is the benchmark in Quebec for players in the communications industry. It has more than 700 business customers. Since its foundation in 1992, Grenier aux Nouvelles has won the hearts of more than 56,000 readers via its Grenier Magazine, in addition to reaching 8000 job seekers. Needless to say that the success of this small business, which operates solely via telework, makes it one of Quebec’s most innovative businesses!