Croesus, winner of the 2016 “PME en lumière” award, is a Quebec business specialized in wealth management of financial institutions. As its goal is to provide a unique, flexible and safe platform that enables both portfolio and customer relationship management for investment professionals, Croesus must use an efficient and reliable communication solution.


Since its creation in 1987, Croesus has always had growth ambitions. Unfortunately, the traditional phone system chosen when the business was launched did not allow it to evolve as smoothly as desired. In fact, each new telephone line added to the system required a series of complex installations, wound cables, as well as outrageous costs, and the task of relocating an office was a new challenge every single time! Like many businesses, their initial phone system was no longer suited to the current market’s realities.


Croesus was in search of a phone provider that would enable the business to support its growth at the best price. Ubity and its cloud-based telephony solution, a forerunner in the industry, was the ideal option for Croesus. Since 2009, Ubity has accompanied the business in its exponential growth thanks to several key features and services:


In light of Croesus’ rapid growth, the cost associated to a reliable and flexible phone system was a decisive factor when it came to choosing Ubity as a partner. When they started doing business in 2009, Croesus had 55 employees; it now has 180, which represents 125 additional phone extensions with as many installation fees and operating costs to take into consideration.

Contingency Plan

More than 10,000 investment professionals have put their trust into Croesus; it is therefore crucial to avoid data loss (missed phone calls, system shutdowns, etc.) due to unexpected events. In the event of a disaster (power outages, water damage, etc.), a secure contingency plan enables customers to transfer calls to another extension or mobile phone. Ubity’s contingency plan thus guarantees Croesus’ ongoing service, and that is, despite the unexpected.


The Croesus teams regularly use Ubity’s audioconference feature. During their business meetings, this feature helps to put several people in different time zones in contact on the same call, as if they were all at the same place at the same time. Ubity provides them a solution to manage many virtual conference rooms quite simply.

Ubity supports us in our growth, not only as a telephone equipment provider, but also as a partner of communication solutions.

Remy Thérrien



Thanks to its innovative cloud-based wealth management system, today Croesus has received many awards and certifications, such as “best SME of the year” awarded by the Association québécoise des technologies. Croesus manages more than 900 billion dollars in assets and makes more than 8000 calls per month, which represents nearly 584 hours of conversation.