Ubity installs two Obkio agents for a better performance!


Users of technology services generally complain about two things: it’s slow or it doesn’t work.

When a service is interrupted, it is often due to an outage and it is usually easy to resolve. But where do you start when users complain about poor service performance? And what tools are available to help us? In these situations, performance monitoring tools are exactly what we need.

As connectivity issues are recurrent among our business customers, we have been looking for some time now for solutions to increase our visibility on network performance. When a customer calls us to diagnose performance problems, we often have to refer them to their Internet provider. The diagnosis is often done by elimination. After confirming that our infrastructure and services are working well, if no problems are detected on our end, the problem is probably located on the customer’s local network or on the service provider’s network.

Faced with this situation, the customer does not feel completely taken care of and may think that we are trying to hide something from them by pointing in another direction. Of course, this is absolutely not the case, but prior to today, network monitoring tools did not provide the ability to easily monitor the end-to-end connectivity between our infrastructure and our customers’ networks, particularly when the service is over the Internet.

Network performance

Network performance monitoring solution

To solve this problem and increase our visibility, we studied dozens of solutions from all over the world and finally found it in Quebec! Since February 2018, Obkio, a Montreal-based company, has been developing a solution designed to monitor network performance and Web applications.

The Obkio solution consists in deploying agents, physical or software, at strategic locations in the network such as data centers, remote sites, external clients, or public or private Clouds.

Two public agents between Montreal and Vancouver

To enable our customers to monitor network performance between their offices and our data centres, we have installed public agents in both of our data centres. These agents are now available to all our customers directly in the Obkio application and can be configured in a few clicks.

Les technologies pour le client

Since the implementation of this solution, our visibility on the network has increased considerably. We now have a tool that makes it easier for us to determine if a problem is caused by the network and if so, whether it is on the customer’s LAN or on its service provider’s network. When the problem is on the service provider’s side, in many cases this allows us to open a ticket and go through the first levels of escalation: the problem is recognized and resolved more quickly.

This saves us valuable time in diagnostics and avoids throwing the ball around to find out who is responsible for the problem.

Do the same: increase the visibility and detection of incidents within your company for optimal user performance!

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