Big Bang 2019: Fostering a customer-oriented approach

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Looking back on an event gathering hundreds of industry professionals, a trending theme tends to emerge as organizations are often facing similar challenges. The leading trend coming out of this year’s edition of the Quebec Technology Association’s Big Bang event was unmistakably how to take advantage of the advancement in technology to focus on customer-centric development efforts.

Customer-Oriented Approach

Big Bang 2019: Fostering a customer-oriented approach using technology

Customer-centricity is a way of doing business that focuses on fostering a positive customer experience throughout all stages of business activities. While new technologies allow for a wide range of new features to better serve your customers, there is now a greater expectation for customer attention. Putting those new technology advancements to use for the benefit of customers increases the odds of sustained success in this virtual world.

Technologies for customer-centricity

Targeting your ideal customer, understanding algorithms and using data analysis are examples of concepts that clearly benefit from technology advancements and can help you reposition the customer at the center of your business activities.


Targeting your ideal customer

The technological progress of digital marketing tools allows for the most detailed knowledge of your customer’s habits and interests: draw a precise portrait of your ideal customer in order to accurately channel your prospecting.

Generic messages are no longer cutting it: use advanced targeting features to develop a personalized message where the customer is the center-focus. Address your ideal customer with extreme precision through the media he likes to consult and by communicating a message that specifically addresses him and his challenges.


Understanding algorithms

Social platforms also benefit from these precise targeting features but are also regulated by strict algorithms. Understanding the algorithms of the social media you are using to promote your brand will greatly help you reach your ideal customer.

These algorithms mainly aim at discouraging unpaid promotion: keep your content social by avoiding naming your brand and services in your posts. Instead, speak as if your brand was a person, and address your fanbase’s interests. Since algorithms also rank content based on what’s trending, stay on top of current events and popular topics when crafting bi-weekly messaging to your audience.

Work with the algorithms and not against them to craft publications that connect with your target audience on a personal level with them as the center-focus, instead of attempting to sell your products.


Using data analysis

Finally, today’s technology and artificial intelligence allow for the collection and analysis of infinite data regarding your customers and the potential clients that interact with your business. Use this technology to your advantage when interpreting your business’s database and translate the collected data into valuable information such as market trends, user demographics and process mining to promote customer-centric decision-making within your organization.

As we cannot foresee all upcoming technology advancements nor predict what data may serve us in the future, preserve all data available to you, even if it may seem irrelevant today. Having this extensive information relative to your customers may serve you as a serious competitive advantage in the future, when developing customer-centric services and features as technologies continue to evolve.

Being human in the digital era

Fostering a customer-centric approach in today’s digital world is increasingly complicated, yet more essential than ever. To continue to succeed in this digital, dehumanized era, enterprises need to use new technologies to reposition the customer at the center of their activities.

Keep a constant watch on technology advancements to ensure you use all tools made available to you to provide your customers with an ever-better service.

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