Overcome the Top 3 Customer Complaints Over the Phone

There are infinite reasons why customers may need to contact your customer service. Today’s multichannel environment gives them options, but customers still often choose the phone as the fastest, most convenient channel to obtain the service they need.

Here are some tips on overcoming the 3 biggest challenges customers complain about when contacting your service department by phone:

Waiting time

1. Endless waiting time

Nobody likes to wait to get assistance. The number one source of dissatisfaction among customers is the lengthy wait time before speaking with a human being. After spending three minutes of waiting, customers on the end of the line either hang up or build serious frustration. Simple solutions exist to reduce impatience and manage expectations:

Announce the estimated waiting time. Call queue configuration can provide the option to announce holding times at a specific frequency, or even to announce the position of the caller in the queue.

Provide a response no matter the volume of incoming calls. While activity statistics reveal insight to help you predict traffic, a lines-on-demand feature ensures even an unforeseen peak of calls is appropriately accommodated.

Call a customer back. Avoid insisting on your customers to stay on the line for an indefinite amount of time by giving them the option to be called back by an agent instead. This ensures their place in line is reserved, all while giving them the freedom to focus on other tasks while they wait for the call-back.


2. Maze of recorded menu options

Interactive Voice Response menus can be frustrating when none of the initial options seem to match a customer’s inquiry.

Design simple IVR paths. Avoid giving customers beyond 5 initial options, and 3 actions choices by configuring an intuitive IVR route, keeping it a positive experience for them. Meanwhile, also give them the option to speak with a human at all levels of the interaction and refer them to self-service tools for autonomous problem resolution.


3. Repeating information constantly

Unified communication does not only mean multi-channel communications but, more importantly, information seamlessly flowing between devices and enterprise tools. When this strategy is not optimal within an enterprise, customers are forced to repeat information from one channel to another, and from an agent to the next. This reiteration gives the impression of an impersonal or sloppy customer service rather than a customer-centric organization.

Enhance customer experience using CRM data. Integrating Customer Relationship Management software provides customer information that is updated in real time and gives agents easy access to their file. With the caller’s profile at their fingertips, they can review the history of purchases, requests, emails and other useful details to anticipate interactions.

Are you familiar with one or many of these common complaints?

If you address their pain points, your customers will take notice and reward you for your efforts!

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