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Connexion, the Digital Transformation Trade Show

Connexion, the must-attend event about digital transformation, was held on April 17 and 18 at Place Bonaventure in Montreal!

Digital technology at full speed

Événements Les Affaires reveals that, for 54% of companies, improving productivity is the most sought-after benefit in digital transformation. However, only 26% of companies consider their technological infrastructure to be cutting-edge!

Ubity’s participation to the Connexion event confirmed one thing: digital transformation is not about to slow down! On the contrary, the popularity of the 2nd edition of the event was proof that new technologies are emerging more and more quickly, inviting SMEs to innovate in order to ensure their success and sustainability.

Enhancing customer experience using data

Ubity engaged in many discussions with participants and exhibitors related to CRM integration with hosted VoIP solutions, reinforcing the importance of business intelligence and customer experience, themes at the heart of the event.

Discussions confirmed the analysis of the data generated by an organization’s activities is what feeds business intelligence, and it is the latter that leads to improved productivity. In the end, with efficient relationship management, customer experience is significantly enhanced.

CRM integration with a unified communication platform has become increasingly important as a baseline in the management of interactions with current and potential customers.

CRM Integration

In order to provide companies with a phone solution that helps their business grow and increases their productivity, Ubity is integrated with some of the most popular CRM software on the market.

Thus, the majority of visitors who passed by the Ubity booth were looking for a leg up in terms of business intelligence and inquiring about the integration of our telephony with software such as Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

While it is predicted that 55% of companies will embark in a digital transformation project by 2020, don’t neglect integrating your CRM with your telephony!

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