Meeting Contact Center Response Standards

Did you know that Canadian federal contact centers missed over 4 million calls last year?

In fact, CBC News revealed that 3.1 million calls made to Service Canada’s network of contact centers never made it to a call queue, while nearly 1 million calls were abandoned by their caller.

Initially, the federal agency had set their service standard to answering 80% of incoming calls in under 3 minutes. In 2014, this earlier, unrealistic standard was stretched to answering callers within 10 minutes. Even then, only 67% of callers succeeded in reaching a contact center agent within this 10-minute window in 2018-19, a statistic that confirms the agency’s weakness, as it dropped from 73% the previous year.

Of the remaining 4 million calls that were left unanswered in the last year, the majority were blocked calls, meaning the system was too overloaded for the caller to even be put in a call queue, while the rest of the calls were lost because the caller hung up while on hold.

When facing this a call volume that surpasses an organization’s capacity, management often adopts a customer call avoidance strategy, imposing far too long hold times on callers in a maze of monotonous computerized voices, leaving them unable to ever reach an actual human being. As a result, contact center workforce is known to have an excessive turnover as agents burn out within the first 5 years from dealing with frustrated and abusive callers.

While these federal contact centers fail to meet standards on caller response, how can Ubity provide its business customers with the technologies that avoid missing phone calls and improve customer service performance?


Personalized Interactive Voice Response

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services allow you to craft personalized messages such as welcome announcements, number redirection, business hours, and so on.

Call-Back feature

This feature provides a caller on hold in a call queue the option to choose to be called back by one of your agents instead of staying on the line. [View User Guide]
Call Life Cycle

Call life cycle visualization tool

This function gives you full insight of the journey a call has followed by displaying the steps the caller has taken from the beginning of the call to the end. [View User Guide]
Lines on Demand


When your callers’ demand exceeds your phone plan, additional lines are automatically made available to you to accommodate the volume of incoming calls.

Rest assured that you can depend on Ubity to offer your customers infallible service.

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