Ubity and Crisis Management

Why was the customer service of Canada’s leading airline temporarily overloaded with calls, making their service line completely unreachable?


Crisis management

Last month, in the wake of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash, more than 300 Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger jets were suddenly grounded worldwide.

As Canada’s largest airline had two dozens Max 8 aircraft carrying an average of 10 000 passengers daily, this unforeseen circumstance impacted thousands of March break vacationers.

 call volume exceeded the company’s capacity
to answer or even place callers on hold

The customer service of the leading national airline was inundated with calls, and travellers scrambling to rebook flights were painfully prompted with a recording as call volume exceeded the company’s capacity to answer or even place callers on hold.

Be prepared!

To ensure a crisis doesn’t stall your business communications, Ubity provides you with lines on demand.

Activity Peak

When you experience a sudden surge in incoming calls, lines are added to your account without any action required on your part.


Ubity’s Lines on demand

When your callers’ demand exceeds your phone plan, additional lines are automatically made available to you to accommodate the volume of incoming calls.

These lines are billed at $2 each per day they are used. The maximum number of lines on demand available to meet your needs is set to 30 by default, but you can lower or increase this limit as you wish by contacting our customer service at any time.


Seasonal activity

Similarly, when you foresee a peak in activity for your business, this flexible feature allows you to temporarily add the lines needed to satisfy seasonal fluctuations and only pay for what you use.

Rest assured that you can depend on Ubity to offer your customers infallible service with our lines on demand feature!

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