5 tips for successful telecommuting

In the digital era, companies that want to remain competitive must be equipped with unified communication systems that allow their teams to work together without necessarily being in the same location. Telecommuting, however, also requires organizational skills. Some sound advice will help you get started without getting lost or feeling overwhelmed.


Work directly on the Cloud

With the help of cloud computing application suites, you can access company data and applications in real time over the internet. This type of collaborative tool allows you to directly create and edit documents as if you were at the office. You can say goodbye to downloads, compatibility issues, and file compression and decompression. Be pragmatic: with modern communication tools, you have everything you need at your fingertips with just a few clicks. Taking a few minutes to study the functions offered by your unified communication system will save you precious time while optimizing their use, generating time and cost savings for you and your company.

Unified Communications

Communicate with your mobile collaboration app

The mobile collaboration app on your company phone system, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allows you to make and receive calls with your colleagues and clients and to exchange business-related text messages (SMS). You can also view your colleagues’ availabilities, chat with them, and quickly share files with the collaboration app. All your interoffice communications are made easier and their costs are considerably reduced. Learn more about Ubity UC


Organize conferences in a few clicks

With the collaboration tools integrated into your company phone system, you now have the ability to hold meetings while away from the office: the internal and external speakers just have to connect to the platform, which can accommodate many participants without the sound or image being altered. Furthermore, you can make live presentations, with speakers having the ability to share their screens and information in real time. Learn more about our conference tool


Rank your priorities

Telecommuting demands a great degree of autonomy and an uncompromising organizational system. It’s impossible to stay efficient while telecommuting without regularly referring to the list of tasks you need to accomplish during the day. But how do you know where to start? Especially in this situation, you need to make use of the Eisenhower matrix. It will help you easily rank your tasks by order of urgency and importance. Thus, each time you have to add a new job to your list, you can review the ranking of all the tasks. That will let you juggle your priorities, putting aside one task, even one already underway, in favour of a more urgent or important one.


Organize your schedule

Once your tasks have been ranked, determine a reasonable number of tasks that can be completed in a day. If your goal is too ambitious, you’ll get discouraged. If, on the other hand, it’s too modest, you won’t be efficient enough. Set firm work schedules as if you were at the office and respect them. Don’t let yourself get distracted from your work, even if you’re on the go or at home. Take care of all your personal affairs outside the times you’ve set aside to work.

Successful telecommuting isn’t rocket science, but it does demand a certain degree of autonomy, organization, and pragmatism. If you’re equipped with modern unified communication tools and know how to manage your priorities, you’ll definitely be able to implement a successful telecommuting strategy that guarantees efficiency and growth!