Ubity at the CITA 2018 Event

For the very first time, Ubity took part in the CITA Showcase (ACCTI in French) held from April 8–10 in Niagara Falls, Ontario!


Canadian Independent Telecommunications Association

The CITA consists of some twenty telecommunications businesses of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. In addition to answering the questions that concern its affiliate organizations and to defending their interests before regulatory bodies, the CITA also promotes the development and enhancement of phone services in rural Canada.

Ubity Partner Program

Through its White Label Partner Program, Ubity enables its partners to promptly offer a personalized cloud-based IP telephony service to its business customers. Some CITA members from Quebec already enjoy this service. These businesses offer a quality service that is based on a solid infrastructure and that is administered using an intuitive and sophisticated management portal.


Distribution in the English Canadian Market

As Ubity’s program is already a great success in Quebec, it is with the goal to promote greater awareness of the program in the English Canadian market that the Director of Partnerships, Alain Émond, came to Niagara Falls. His presence at the Showcase is part of a strategy that aims at increasing Ubity’s visibility in events held outside Quebec this year. Representing more than 570,000 access lines, over 3,000 employees, and more than $400,000,000 in annual revenue, CITA members are of huge potential value for the development of Ubity’s distribution network.


Ubity at the CITA Showcase

At the CITA Showcase, Ubity set up a stand to promote its cloud-based phone services for businesses, which allowed Mr. Émond to meet members of the Association as well as service providers. Although these businesses, for the most part, work in rural areas and have a high percentage of residential customers, it remains that these are state-of-the-art businesses that seek to offer their privileged industrial customers the same quality services as those offered in rural areas. This is where Ubity’s VoIP platform comes into play. This is also an exceptional opportunity for these organizations to partner with a business that is entirely Canadian.


In conclusion, Ubity’s experience in Niagara Falls was nothing but positive. Interest shown by potential partners who are members of the CITA encourages us to move forward with the development and promotion of our program and its platform.

Stay tuned! Thanks to Ubity, a service provider near you will soon integrate cloud-based VoIP into its services!

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