Why integrate your CRM with your phone system?

Written by Marc Trudel, Vice-President of Sales at Ubity

3 reasons to integrate your CRM with your phone system

Almost 30 years ago Excel was created, and it has been the workhorse of sales teams ever since. I have worked hard to gain some analytical skills using this powerful tool, and have also worked with both homegrown and market leading CRM over the years. The idea of keeping and updating a customer database using Excel seems archaic today, and I have often felt the efficiency I was looking for within the CRM was matched in equal parts by inefficiency between applications, including the various and evolving means of communication. “Thinking small while growing big” was a theme at a global company I spent some time with and in the case of CRM integration it strikes me as relevant to this topic. How do we create a customer or prospect experience that is 5 star, where the people we are engaging with feel like part of the family, when we feel squeezed by budget and time constraints? Let’s look at the advantages of combining CRM and CTI (computer telephony integration) to help answer that:

1. Efficiency

The adage of time being money is the number one reason to integrate your UCaaS (unified communication as a service) with your CRM of choice. If my sales or support team can see a pop-up window in front of whichever application they happen to be on, that includes information on name, account, open tickets, last calls, screen share plug in, social profile, etc..that is good enough reason for me. Period. If I can increase the likelihood that someone on my team will make the person on the other end of the phone feel like we know who they are without them needing to introduce their whole story, that has real value, and saves time.

2. Return on Investment

Integrating your CRM with your hosted cloud communication system costs money. The question is, how much, and what is the gain? If I can get each sales and support agent the most important functions of an integrated solution for less than $50 per month, and by doing so, ensure that our existing customers and prospects have a better experience, that seems very cheap. How many more and better quality interactions can we gain through that integration? The depth of integration is almost endless, with very advanced analytics and AI functionality available – and again, depending on the size and type of organization, the extra $50-$150/user/month may be appropriate. The vast majority of SMB would benefit enormously from standard CRM/CTI integration without breaking the bank.

3. Managing Data

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and the facts is, automation eliminates the variance in data entry within the CRM. The end result is clean data, with metrics that are visible across the company, giving managers the tools to action accordingly, and giving everyone in the organization a 360 view on each prospect and customer. Gathering and sharing information becomes table stakes – and assures decisions on everything related to the customer experience is rooted in accuracy. I still love Excel, and continue to find ways to grow my analytical skills using the tool, but I am far more excited about the future of the customer experience through cloud integrations – among them CRM/CTI.

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