Big Bang 2017: Evolution of the Digital World


For the tenth year running, Ubity attended the Big Bang, whose fifteenth edition was hosted by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT). As a member of the AQT and the event’s organizing committee, Ubity CEO and founder Alain De Blois proudly represented Ubity among more than 200 confreres and ambassadors of pioneering businesses—many of which are Ubity customers—in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) in Quebec!

Following the five conferences and sixteen interactive workshops to which Ubity participated, Alain, Marc Trudel (Director of Sales), Victor Bruzeau (Senior UX Designer), and Camille Beaudoin (Marketing and Communications Coordinator) came to a unanimous conclusion: Businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to the ever-changing digital world that is developing exponentially. To stay afloat in this digital world, businesses should consider including the three following main strategies to their marketing approach:


Integrate a database within their website

To fully benefit from technological advances, the content of business websites can be adapted to different types of audiences. For example, an audience can vary according to visitors’ geolocation information, the number of times they previously visited the website, and many other interests and parameters. Driven by her passion for this technology, Sumithra Jagannath, President of ZED Digital, explains that this dynamic content based on users’ data enables businesses to display a specific message to carefully selected audiences.

Deliver their pitch in less than 8 seconds

With the evolution of social networks and digital media, and their infinite sources of information that invade our mobile devices, Adele Revella, CEO of Buyer Persona, states that the average reader’s attention span is now reduced to 8 seconds. Consequently, it has never been more important to reduce your message to its absolute minimum to pique your audience’s curiosity before losing its interest. Since it is particularly easier to assimilate images than letters, Rob Begg, Vice President Product Marketing at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, suggests that businesses pair up graphic icons with key words to present a clear and refined service proposal, starting with their website’s home page.

Understand the revolution of artificial intelligence

Rob Begg also highlights the importance of artificial intelligence, which is increasingly used in B2B marketing, including predictive analysis. For example, thanks to predictive analysis, data obtained from businesses’ systems can be used to determine which behaviours and characteristics are associated with their ideal customer. These results then allow to identify higher quality prospects or to further customize customer experience.

It is thus following two days filled with ICT-related activities that the Ubity team returned to its Montréal office, ready to adopt a whole range of practices presented at the Big Bang 2017, all the while anticipating the challenges of the developing digital world for which new marketing trends constantly emerge.