Ubity Solutions: Designed For Seasonal Activities!

Solutions designed for seasonal activities!

Do you run a seasonal business? You can stop worrying about juggling staffing with managing employees that come and go: our cutting-edge phone system solutions and contact center adapt to meet your needs. You benefit from the latest technology and only pay for what you use.



While your activities may slow down or stop all together at certain times of year, most telecommunication suppliers charge you the same monthly rate regardless. The result: your bill is huge. To cut down on costs, some opt for lesser quality services. Either way, you lose. With Ubity, you can add and remove telephone lines whenever you need. If, for example, during quiet periods you only need 5 extensions, you only pay for 5 users. When business picks up, you can easily jump from 5 to 50 extensions. Simply connect to your account on our portal and in just a few clicks, you are up and running and your bill is modified accordingly. In short: you pay according to your usage while benefitting from high-tech features all year long!


During peak periods, your offices may not be large enough to handle the staff you require. Don’t panic! Our unified communication solutions make telecommuting a snap. With our video or audio conference functionality, your employees are connected just as if they were sitting in the office, no matter where they are. You can call clients or colleagues from your office phone, computer or mobile device. Your communications are centralized into one, easy to manage location.


Our goal is to give you back control. With us, there’s nothing standing between you and technology. Thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly online platform, you manage your own business communications. What’s more, you don’t need to be a techno whiz to configure your telephone system. With Ubity, it’s easy to set up your own system just the way you want it.

Performance metrics

Thanks to this same platform, you can measure your employees’ performance at all times. Compare day-to-day, month-to-month and annual results of received, missed or unprocessed calls.


Don’t let seasonal fluctuations get in the way of your business operations and growth. Take advantage of our flexible solutions and only pay for what you use!

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