Ubity: A Green Enterprise

Ubity is green, and there is more to it than its visual identity!

As a matter of fact, since its foundation nearly ten years ago, Ubity has been striving to minimize its environmental footprint. Every day, Ubity and its staff adopt environmentally responsible practices to support the development of a sustainable world. Our best practices include:

Recovering any obsolete equipment

In collaboration with GEEP, a Canadian business that has more than six facilities in North America, all our obsolete technological equipment is recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner. GEEP is an ERPA-verified electronics recycler that meets the industry’s highest standards. The business ensures that confidential data stored on end-of-life electronics is erased and destroyed according to National Defence standards.

Avoiding unnecessary use of accent lights

By setting up our offices as close as possible to windows, natural lighting is maximized. The organization of our office space to ensure optimal brightness also allows us to enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Royal.

Discouraging the use of products packed in plastic and polystyrene

A kitchenette has been set up to encourage employees to bring their homemade meals. It is equipped with a refrigerator, toaster, microwave, and dishwasher. Two coffee machines allow employees to drink free coffee so that they do not have to buy it elsewhere, which also limits the use of polystyrene or cardboard cups.

Not buying any disposable plastic bottles

A water distributor and purifier is provided by the business to limit the use of disposable water bottles. Instead, employees and visitors use reusable bottles or glasses.

Travelling using electric vehicles

Thanks to a corporate agreement with Téo Taxi, which has already spared the environment from 1,427 tons of CO2 emissions since its foundation in 2015, we travel in electric and environmentally responsible vehicles, thereby limiting our customers’ and employees’ ecological footprint.

Recycling paper and cardboard products

In addition to encouraging our employees to mainly use electronic files and to print only when necessary, double-sided, on scrap paper, and in black and white, each room is equipped with a recycling bin for all our packaging, boxes, and cardboard.

And how about you? How do you reduce your ecological footprint?

We encourage you to adopt environmentally responsible practices within your business! Any small gesture could significantly contribute to reducing your environmental footprint and that of your business!