Ubity & Stingray: An Unparalleled Partnership


Ubity is proud to be the first in Canada to offer cloud-based Stingray music services! This new partnership gives you access to a whole range of music ambiances for your call queues and IVR.

That’s right! Ubity has reached an exclusive arrangement with Stingray, the world giant in customer experience services. You can now enjoy the highest-performing and customized hold music and messaging products in Canada with Ubity!



Stingray is a globally recognized music provider and one of the Canadian businesses that has experienced the fastest growth in the past years. Thanks to its multimedia solutions and its multi-platform music services, the business has more than 400 million subscribers in over 152 countries. Stingray, whose headquarters are in Montréal, has nearly 300 employees worldwide.


Ubity and Stingray Business

In partnership with Stingray, Ubity has established ten new music selections to enhance your call queue and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services with a unique ambiance that reflects the business’ personality. You can thus offer your clientele the best initial experience with your services.

 Stingray Business, with its 75,000 Canadian business customers, is proud to join forces with Ubity to launch a revolution on the Canadian IP telephony market in terms of music and messaging products. 

Sebastien Leonard, Development of Canadian commercial partnerships


Activating Stingray music

To proceed with the installation of Ubity UC Desktop, you simply need to log into your Studio account and go under the Management tab, and click Stingray music ($). Then, follow our complete Stingray music activation guide and benefit from musical vibes that reflect your corporate image!

Music    One musical vibe = $50/month


For more details about adding Stingray vibes to your phone system, please talk to one of our experts right now or contact our sales department at 514-907-3400, and choose option 8.