Ubity’s management team expands

While Ubity is growing in Canada and sales continue to rise month after month, our management is taking on a new dimension. Indeed, in recent weeks, Ubity has hired Marc Trudel as the new head of sales while Alain Émond becomes director of partnerships, a new strategic position within Ubity. This change supports Ubity’s growth strategy in recent years, which was built on a network of reselling partners across Quebec and Canada. Combined with our internal sales force, Ubity has been able to sustain a consistent growth of more than 20% annually since 2012. This new organizational structure will allow us to support our business development teams, to continue broadening this network while offering a better service to our current customers. Marc Trudel brings a strong strategic vision to Ubity, one forged through a unique combination of business instinct and quantitative analysis of business data.  An entrepreneur with a background in education and technology, he is a leader and passionate about team building. Marc is sure to equip our teams with even more powerful tools and federate the company around common objectives, supporting Ubity’s growth strategy. Alain Émond becomes Director of Partnerships, the new pillar for growth at Ubity. A real creator of human relationships, Alain has rightly been at the center of Ubity’s growth over the past 4 years. This new position is tailor-made for this passionate navigator, accustomed to lead his team to port. With these two experts, Ubity is acquiring a greater diversity of knowledge and a wide range of professional skills. For its 10th spring, Ubity lays the foundations for the next 10 years with these additions to its management team!  


Ubity is a Montreal-based Canadian company that develops unified communications and cloud-based IP telephony solutions. Founded in 2007 by Alain Deblois, Ubity now has more than 17,000 users and manages more than 3,000,000 calls per month on its cloud infrastructure. The company has grown steadily by more than 20% year-on-year since 2012, thanks to its internal sales teams and its network of resellers in Quebec and Canada.