IP Phone Systems for Sending Faxes Without a Fuss

Need to Fax Something? IP Phone Systems Are the Answer!

The fax machine, despite its outdated look, remains an oft-used business communication tool. Yet for many entrepreneurs, the mere idea of sending a fax is distressing. But don’t panic! IP phone systems are the perfect tool for businesses to send faxes. You won’t have to worry about fax spam or about using outdated technology!

Sending Faxes: Still a Necessity

Yes. We know. Even though business is increasingly mobile — it is the case if you’re using Ubity’s IP phone system for businesses — some people remain rather tenacious, such that faxes are still often required by numerous government agencies, providers, insurance companies, drugstores, etc. And even though some businesses offer the service of sending faxes for a fee, these fees can be outrageously high. It is also possible to send your faxes by email, but that would involve extra charges—which can be more expensive than a fax itself—and sending business communications via a third party service provider, along with all the risks this entails for your business.

IP Phone Systems for Sending Faxes Without a Fuss

Here is why cloud-based phone systems remain the best ally for businesses that must send and receive faxes:

    • The fax option is included in most of our plans.

      You can thus easily send or receive documents at no charge, as everything is delivered via our cloud-based platform.
    • You receive your faxes by email.

      Gone are the days when documents sent by fax were lost or damaged. Now everything lands in your inbox, which makes it easier to track.
    • Sending faxes via the Studio portal is simple.

      With Ubity, it is simple to send documents without having to print them. No more need for cumbersome equipment!
    • Your faxes are as secure as your calls.

      With Ubity, your calls and faxes are systematically encrypted thanks to advanced encryption algorithms to avoid any information leaks or security breaches.

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