3 Takeaways from Telecom 2017

Written by Marc Trudel, Director of sales

Telecom Conference, held in Boucherville Quebec, is now in its 14th year and Ubity, as always, was there. We spoke briefly with organizer and Telecommunication Consultant Richard Comtois about what has changed over the years. He mentioned, unsurprisingly, the migration from exclusively traditional telephony and contact center exhibitors to a present-day mix that now includes IT, Security, and Hosted Solution Providers. Just under 500 participants at the conference now represent the shift in the market towards more flexible, customer-centered solutions for unified communications, and the need to offer secure, reliable infrastructure behind those services.


3 Takeaways from Telecom 2017 Conference

As “over-the-top” players continue to gain traction in core communication services, it seemed clear from the sessions at the conference that companies are scrambling to position themselves for the future. By taking a dynamic approach to defining strategic identity, forward-thinking companies are starting to carve out their space seemingly focused on three drivers:

1. Flexibility

We did notice many attendees interested in our Studio web portal. The functionality for their call centers, the visibility of calling activity, and call recording, among other features, all spoke to a craving for customer-centered solutions that were easy to use, and simple to implement.

2. Infrastructure

The most important underlying value for any of the companies who were present was their ability to speak to network infrastructure – 5G, fiber, and other networking technologies. As larger and larger enterprise move towards hosted solutions for their communications, the underlying security, redundancy, clarity, and scalability are crucial factors in who wins the business.

3. Strategic Identity

Many of the customers at InfoTelecom are getting information overload from most providers. It is a challenge to separate one offer from the next. The best companies seem to show an ability to brand themselves and their product and service offerings clearly, and adapt to the specific needs of their customers by well-defined and simple means.

Frost & Sullivan have projected hosted IP telephony will have gone from 8 million installed users in 2014 in North America to 41.9 million by 2021. It was interesting to see the convergence of technologies and partnerships at the conference, all focused on the one thing that hasn’t changed during the last 10 years – the desire to maximize the impact of good communication both internally and externally. Ubity is well placed to continue helping customers, both big and small, do just that.