VoIP Product Update

Need to record a phone call? Easy with IP telephony!

When a company makes thousands of calls every week, keeping track of business conversations may sometimes prove to be quite useful.  Users of cloud-based IP telephony for businesses already benefit from call recording. At Ubity, this feature has even been recently updated and now allows you to record a call already in progress!)

Many reasons to record phone calls

The reasons for recording telephone conversations in a business context abound. Among the most frequently mentioned are:

  • More efficient and in-depth tracking of client files
  • Employee training and quality assurance for customer service
  • Record  media interviews for easier transcript
  • Prevent disputes with your customers and ease the handling of complaints
  • Reduce harassment toward your employees and aggressive conversations
  • Increase productivity and process quality

Doing it right

Whatever your needs, recording business communications will be useful. However, avoid putting yourself in a bad position by following the rules that govern the collection and management of your clients’ confidential data. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) provides a regulatory framework for this practice in Canada and should serve as a reference.

To learn more, we invite you to consult this legal opinion published by Lavery Avocats.

In the meantime, remember the three most important elements that you should have in mind:
  • Notify your client that you will record the conversation
  • Have a real reason to record, state it clearly and respect your word.
  • Also,  be aware of what data you intend to request from your customers, especially if it is not directly related to your business.

Exceptions, where PIPEDA does not require the consent of the interlocutor, include calls for the purpose of collecting a debt or investigating potential fraud.

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