1st Ubity customer survey: thank you for setting the bar high!

You are now more than 17,000 Ubity users who make 3,000,000 worldwide calls annually. Our constant interactions with you and our ongoing innovation process allow us to add value to your business continually. But this year we wanted to go even further and we sent you our first customer survey. This first study enabled us to gather a little more information on what makes the value of our services and gives you the most, and the least, satisfaction.

Positive feedback

We are very pleased with your response; Proof that you value your IP telephony services.  The results highlight two highly positive elements, both of which deeply touch our whole team:  

  • Overall satisfaction with your Ubity customer experience: 9/10
  • 9/10 would recommend Ubity to their contacts

These testimonials are a great encouragement for the whole team to continue the same good work! We thank you. We have established relationships with some of you that date back to ten years.  It is as much a proof of your loyalty to us as it is of our ability to keep up with the evolution of your business and needs over the last decade.

The next steps

All comments received allow us to improve our services and customer experience further. This survey is not an end in itself, but rather it is part of an ongoing process where your feedback fuels our work!

At the dawn of our 10th anniversary, we have not stopped innovating and giving you more. A lot of new features in our IP telephony services are on the agenda for the coming months.  

Thank you all for participating and putting the bar so high. Our challenge now is to stay on top of our game!  And we count on that!

A contest for our customers and the winner is …

To thank our clients for participating in the survey, we conducted a random draw among the participants. The winner is Luc Morandi from Gurus Solutions.