Ubity’s New Year resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that is over four thousand years old.

That’s right! Babylonians would set themselves objectives, such as paying back their debts or bringing back borrowed tools, in the hope of being forgiven their wrongdoings of the previous year and of starting off the new year on the right foot, with the Gods’ favours on their side.

So as to start off on the right foot, but also to kick-start the new year, here are three challenges we want to take up in 2017:

Act on our values

Last month, we decorated our walls with Ubity’s core values. This year, our goal is to let these values dictate our daily actions.

Assess your level of satisfaction

With your help, we commit to better serving you. Stay tuned! In 2017, you will be receiving surveys so that we can assess your level of satisfaction with us and take appropriate action.

Climb Mount Washington

As a metaphor for our business objectives, Ubity colleagues will put their team spirit and determination to the test by climbing to the peak of the famous Mount Washington in 2017.

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