Product Update

Updated: Ubity’s Click-to-Dial Chrome and Firefox extension

Click-to-Dial: What is it?

Click-to-Dial is an essential plugin for all enterprises whose employees work with web tools, such as CRMs or ERPs. This easy-to-install Ubity plugin allows users to dial by simply clicking on the desired phone number. Chrome and Firefox users can now enjoy a new version of the extension!

How does it work?

After the installation is complete (see instructions below), when you click on a phone number on a web page, you will instantly receive a call on your Ubity phone. You only have to answer this call so that the system makes the call for you!

The benefits

1. Accelerates dialing of phones numbers

2. Reduces the errors associated with dialing a phone number

3. Facilitates calls, much like when you call from your mobile phone



How do I install it?

Very simple! Go to the Ubity Portal, Studio, in the “Settings” section. Click “Browser Extension”, then select the appropriate browser and proceed with the installation.

To activate the plugin, click on the Click-to-Dial icon in your browser, and follow the suggested steps.


*Please note that a Firefox version is awaiting validation from Mozilla.  Firefox user can still use the extension, by authorizing its installation themselves by clicking “Allow” when prompted.

What if I have a previous version of Click-to-Dial?

If you already use this feature, please note that the old version is no longer functional. Before installing the new version of Click-to-Dial, you must first uninstall the old version from your browser.

For more details on how to install or uninstall an extension, click here.