Stratégie PME 2016

Written by Alain Émond, Director of partnerships

For the third consecutive year, Ubity took part in the 5th edition of the Stratégies PME event held last November 23 and 24. As every year, the event was held at the Palais des congrès. The event brought together 200 experts from all areas of activity, and 130 lectures were presented. Needless to say that this show is a great opportunity to showcase our services, expertise and team to the visitors!

Ubity at the event

When comes the time to assess the successes of this event, we must first ask ourselves why we participated. To begin with, this event remains a one-of-kind occasion in Montreal to put ourselves out there and showcase ourselves to Ubity’s main clientele. Even though we are broadening our client base to larger businesses, it remains that Ubity was born from a willingness to provide advanced telephony applications at an affordable price to small- and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.


Secondly, in terms of visibility, the event is highly beneficial. Thousands of visitors see us there year after year, and notice our presence and growth in the market. Of course this visibility does not go unnoticed by our competitors either!


We also meet many of our existing and future partners there every year. They take the opportunity to express their satisfaction with our services or to refer their customers to us. As we all know, the partner program is highly important for Ubity’s development.


Finally, the event is an opportunity to shake hands with prospective and current customers. The former take the time to ask further questions or to revisit our online administration portal. The latter come to share their high level of satisfaction with Ubity. Isn’t that the greatest reward one can get for his accomplishments?

On that note, see you there next year!