The basic needs of a business phone system

Business telephony is no longer limited to answering calls and making sure that the customer is satisfied. Today, companies must be equipped with efficient systems that allow them to respond as quickly as possible to demanding customers who won’t hesitate to turn to the competition at the slightest organizational defect. To successfully convince customers, respond promptly to their needs, increase their loyalty, and give them clear responses without hesitation, it’s imperative that you outfit your communication system with these features:

IP phone systems for businesses

IP phone systems for businesses adapt to meet the needs of each one. They’re a cutting-edge technology with the added benefit of reduced fixed costs. The simplicity of this system and its versatility offers companies the ability to establish themselves abroad or to quickly set up telecommuting positions.


The dashboard is an indispensable tool for employees and administrators. It offers a wide range of possibilities, letting you manage and analyze calls as well as measure productivity. The dashboard delivers figures in real time, which lets you direct employees to increasingly effective solutions.

Call distribution and queue management

Having the ability to view call queues in real time lets you see the number of incoming calls in order to balance the queues between employees. That way, wait times are reduced and the customer is directed to the person best able to address their needs.

Supervision and coordination

In order to be perfectly efficient, the employee must be able to respond to each customer’s questions. Call supervision options let you listen to certain phone conversations so you can intervene if necessary without the caller’s knowledge.

Call history

In order to reassure the customer, win their trust, and facilitate commercial transactions, it’s important to establish some interaction. Certain IP telephony features give you access to customers’ personalized files and to a comprehensive database. That way, employees can access a great deal of information pertaining to each customer in just a few seconds.

Real-time statistics

These statistics give you a wealth of useful information to improve your company’s performance. It’s therefore possible to verify the number of incoming calls, the number of dropped calls, the total conversation time, the number of available agents, etc. These statistics subsequently offer the possibility of meeting with employees in order to analyze results from real and concrete data (relating to the previous day, for example). More targeted statistics highlight employees’ individual behaviours. These can be used wisely to review the objectives, strong points, and weak points of each agent in order to obtain the best results. It’s also possible to consider training based on these statistics.

Today, businesses must be modern and responsive. They have to be able to respond to customers, whatever their communication method. New phone systems successfully handle every call in order to respond effectively to busy and demanding customers. Whether it’s via email, social media, phone, or even fax, these new technologies improve business performance while providing real comfort to your employees and agents. In this way, wait times are reduced, responses are clearer, and your customer satisfaction rate is greatly improved.