Product Update

New call queue management tool

Starting on the 16th of July, discover the new call queue management interface. It has been completely redesigned and improved to better suit your business’ needs and to offer a vast array of new features: additional management options, in-depth informations and real-time statistics about your call queues — all that under a more streamlined and optimized layout. Following is a quick summary of these new features.

Call queues

The call queue management interface has just gotten a major facelift! In one click, you can now see your real-time call queue statistics (number of agents logged in and their status, number of calls waiting or answered, etc.), manage your agents, and your call queue settings. Discover our new advanced pause feature that allows for a more granular reporting of your agents’ activity. Filters have also been added to allow you to see the information that most matters to your company.

Agent status

A new “Agent status” page has been added to allow you to monitor all of your agents in one location, regardless of the queue. You will be able to see your agents’ status, the number of calls they have made and received globally, as well as in each individual call queues in which they’re logged into. Additionally, you will also be able to order and filter your agents by call queues or status, and assign your agents custom tags to better keep track of your staff.

Agent dashboard

As a company administrator, you will now have access to a brand new dashboard that will show you aggregated data and statistics for each of your agents. You will also be able to change your agents’ status, manage their breaks, and compare their performance relative to other agents, or groups of agents.

Discover today your new call queue management tool by connecting to Ubity Studio.