A complete suite of business communications tools

Ubity provides a complete suite of business unified communications and collaboration tools including internet fax, instant messaging, SMS, audio, web and video conferencing, file sharing, as well as mobility. All of these communication channels are tightly integrated, providing a single easy interface for all employees.

Unified communications and collaborative computing tools

A solution to support performance and autonomy

Ubity’s unified communications solutions are perfectly tailored to support the growth of your business and are especially useful for companies that have multiple offices and remote employees. Collaborate freely without borders and remain connected while enjoying total freedom and the mobility that you require to grow.


Easily communicate with colleagues and customers... from anywhere!

Why are unified communications so essential to your success?

  • All of your separate branches and remote workers can be reached as if they were on the same internal phone system.
  • You can easily view your colleagues’ changing availability (online, away, in a meeting, etc.)
  • All Ubity features can be accessed from any of your devices, allowing you to stay in touch with your company even while traveling.
  • You can initiate a videoconference with your co-workers in just a few clicks.
  • You can easily share documents and files with any of your co-workers.
  • Your inter-office communications become easier and faster while dramatically reducing costs.

Key characteristics of Ubity's Unified Communications solutions

One app, many platforms

Ubity’s unified communications solutions are cross-platform compatible with a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

View employee availability

The ability to monitor your employees’ availability status in real time ensures that you can distribute calls evenly throughout the workforce to reflect each person’s availability.

Instant messaging and SMS

You can chat directly and send text messages (SMS) easily via the multi-platform Ubity app.

Audio and video conferencing

Multiple users can connect through Ubity’s platform for phone meetings and videoconferences, enabling collaborative calls with both internal and external participants.

Share information more easily

You can share your screen and key information with ease, allowing different teams to collaborate more effectively, wherever they are.

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