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Epiphany 2017

—Written by Audrey Aubin, Human Resources
Every year around this time, we celebrate with the infamous Kings’ tart: it is Epiphany season. The...


Ubity’s Christmas 2016!

It is on December 9 that was held the Ubity Christmas party, the perfect opportunity to celebrate with colleagues before the holidays.


Stratégie PME 2016

—Written by Alain Émond, Director of sales

For the third consecutive year, Ubity took part in the 5th edition of the Stratégies PME event held last...


Opening – Ubity Quebec

Ubity, Quebec pioneer in the field of hosted IP telephony, is proud to announce the opening of office in Quebec city.


The basic needs of a business phone system

Business telephony is no longer limited to answering calls and making sure that the customer is satisfied. Today, companies must be equipped with efficient...


5 tips for successful telecommuting

In the digital era, companies that want to remain competitive must be equipped with unified communication systems that allow their teams to work together...